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Commercial single sign-on and authentication management solutions

Simplify access control with centralised policy management across your entire organisation. Imprivata OneSign is an authentication and access management platform deployed by thousands of customers worldwide. Providing users with streamlined and secure access to network and application resources, Imprivata OneSign integrates authentication management, application single sign-on (SSO), password management, and aggregated audit data in one secure and easy-to-manage solution.

What is SSO?

Single sign-on (SSO) is an advanced identity management and user authentication technology that reduces the need to rely on entering usernames and passwords. Through SSO, users are able to manage access to their authorised applications with a single login, facilitating improved security and user productivity.

Authentication and access policies continue to evolve and improve in both government and commercial applications, but SSO is able to grow and adapt alongside them. Through secure integration, SSO can utilise the latest in strong authentication methods capable of avoiding entering usernames and passwords altogether.

Easy to deploy and maintain

Reduce support issues and help desk calls, while providing fast and reliable access for end users. Available as a physical or virtual appliance, Imprivata OneSign is easy to implement, deploy and manage. Any application can be quickly SSO-enabled through a drag-and-drop interface and deployed within hours to users or groups. Designed for high availability, and with built-in back-up and failover between appliances, Imprivata OneSign provides a reliable, scalable enterprise SSO infrastructure that eliminates the need to change user directories or applications.

Leverages your IT infrastructure

Get the most out of existing systems while leveraging new technologies – from terminal emulators to smartphones and tablets. By delivering No Click Access® to virtual desktops, Imprivata OneSign enhances virtualisation technology investments.

Centralises and simplifies compliance reporting

Reduce the effort and cost of demonstrating regulatory compliance with centralised, real-time tracking of employee access events. Audit reporting quickly identifies password sharing and applications accessed by specific user credentials. Email notifications can be easily created for events such as user authentication failure, user lockouts, or system failures.

Embrace digital transformation

As technology evolves, organisations need a cloud-enabled solution that transforms slow, repetitive, and error-prone logins into fast, secure, and reliable access into a broad ecosystem of devices and applications, including technologies that are on-premises or in the cloud. By seamlessly integrating regulatory compliance and security into end-user workflows, organisations can confidently meet strict regulatory and compliance demands, and bolster their approach to data security without disrupting the end-user experience.



Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-On

Proven in regulated industries around the world, Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-On simplifies and accelerates application access, automating username and password entry for authenticated users. When combined with authentication management, Imprivata OneSign provides users with No Click Access to their networks, desktops and applications.

Imprivata OneSign Authentication Management

Every desktop and workstation in your environment is a gateway to company assets. While security is a top priority, so is fast access. Imprivata OneSign Authentication Management simplifies and secures access to physical and virtual desktops. Manual typing of usernames and passwords is replaced with the quick tap of a badge or swipe of a fingerprint.

Proximity card readers

Imprivata OneSign proximity card readers allow users to access business applications and information quickly and more easily. Instead of being required to remember and repetitively enter usernames and passwords, users simply tap their badge to the proximity card reader and they gain access to the systems they need. For enterprise IT teams, Imprivata proximity card readers reduce complexity and simplify management by creating a single source for purchase, support, and maintenance of their complete authentication solution. They support a broad range of card types and provide the ability to support multiple card types on a single reader.

Self-service password management

Imprivata OneSign Self-Service Password Management offers users a fast, easy, and secure way to retrieve forgotten passwords or set new ones — without calling the help desk. To improve security, passwords are increasingly mandated to be "strong," as well as frequently changed. With greater complexity and continuous change, it’s not surprising that people often forget their passwords, causing work to halt. Imprivata OneSign Self-Service Password Management enables users to securely retrieve their lost passwords or set new ones, minimising workflow disruptions and costly help desk calls.

Fingerprint biometric identification

Imprivata OneSign fingerprint biometric identification enables users to access their desktops and applications quickly and easily with just a swipe of a fingerprint. Working in both physical and virtual environments, it can also be used to authenticate within an application workflow. Unlike other solutions, fingerprint biometrics do not require a username or password, since they are based on something unique to every user: their fingerprints.

Imprivata Virtual Desktop Access for Citrix and VMware

Imprivata Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) gives users a fast and easy way to access their Citrix- or VMware-based virtual desktops. By replacing repetitive, manual log-ins with automated processes, VDA helps users leverage their roaming desktops, saving time and boosting productivity. With a quick badge tap, users are able to instantly access their personal virtual desktops from any location or device. VDA integrates with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, as well as with VMware Horizon View, offering industry-leading support for thin- and zero-client endpoint devices.