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Ensuring the proper balance of security and efficiency, both from technology and user management standpoints, is critical to the successful adoption of mobility initiatives in healthcare.

Imprivata Mobile, an active component of the Imprivata digital identity framework, helps customers manage this complexity by leveraging the trusted digital identity of shared mobile devices and users to deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end mobile provisioning and identity and access management solution that helps organisations optimise their mobile strategies. Imprivata Mobile delivers automated device provisioning, secure device checkout, and fast, secure access for users, helping our customers unlock the full potential of shared mobile devices by ensuring a fast, efficient workflow while improving security and auditability.

With Imprivata Mobile healthcare organisations can experience end-to-end management for their mobile initiatives including:

  • Zero-effort, automated device provisioning
  • Cloud-based device management
  • Inventory management and loss prevention
  • Privacy for patient-used devices
  • Improved security for shared-use devices
  • Effortless access to devices and applications
  • Better device experience for users

Imprivata Mobile vision

Aaron Freimark,  VP of Product Strategy discusses Imprivata's Mobile vision and how mobile is now a crucial component of healthcare IT strategy 

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  • Mobile device provisioning

    Reduce the complexity of mobile initiatives and save time implementing new technology by remotely managing, personalising, and updating devices at scale.  

  • Mobile IAM

    Provide secure, effortless access to mobile devices and applications for trusted users.   

The Imprivata digital identity framework for healthcare 

Imprivata Mobile contributes across the Imprivata digital identity framework through: governance and administration, including reporting on clinical staff access to mobile devices and applications; authorisation, and the enforcement of policies for accessing protected data; and authentication and access such as single sign-on into mobile clinical applications and shared use devices.  

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ICU clinicians turn to mobile technology in the fight against COVID-19

"Virtual visiting has made a tremendous difference to our patients and relatives and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The system has been particularly beneficial to our elderly COVID patients who do not have their own devices to have visits with their loved ones and I’m confident it has helped in their recovery."
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