Mobile device provisioning

Mobile device provisioning


Automate, secure, and optimize shared devices at any scale

Ensuring the proper balance of security and efficiency, both from technology and user management standpoints, is critical for the successful adoption of healthcare mobility initiatives.

Imprivata GroundControl is part of a comprehensive, end-to-end mobility solution that helps organisations optimise their mobile strategies. At Imprivata, we deliver automated device provisioning, secure device checkout, and fast, secure access for users. This helps our customers to unlock the full potential of shared mobile devices ensuring a fast, efficient workflow, while improving security and auditability.

Imprivata GroundControl is the only solution to meet the challenges of shared-device environments. With Imprivata GroundControl, you improve end user experience and support IT teams, while also promoting consistency and scalability.

Imprivata GroundControl Check Out


Zero-effort, automated device provisioning 

With Imprivata, organisations can reduce the complexity of mobile initiatives and save time implementing new technology by remotely managing, personalising, and updating devices at scale. IT staff can reduce deployment steps dramatically with repeatable, easy-to-manage workflows and attributes.  

End-user accountability

Enforce a personal passcode for each shared device, embed employee name on the wallpaper, and centrally track each assignment, even if they use a different device every day. If an employee accidentally brings a phone home, IT can easily determine the last known user and location.

Cloud based device management

Imprivata GroundControl supports IT teams from anywhere at any time, using the hybrid-cloud environment to allow teams to maintain device images across dispersed fleets. Support remote workforce with visibility and management access from anywhere.


Reduce device loss

Support large fleets with less effort, more accountability, and reduced loss. Quickly access actionable data for technicians and mobile managers, including the state of devices, battery health, and other critical metrics. Trigger automated workflows for faster remediation, including support for lost mode, and notifications for devices aren’t returned when or where they are supposed to be.

Automate Workflows

Support mobile teams by automating workflows to reduce manamagement and maintenance burden across fleets.

Asset management from the cloud

With Imprivata GroundControl you can now track check-in and check-out: who, when, where and which devices — all from your Device Dashboard. Export full inventory or deployment activity logs at any time, or integrate with our APIs to keep an accurate history of device activity and real-time insights into your fleet.

Enhance your MDM

Imprivata Mobile Device Lifecycle Management integrates with nearly every MDM provider, for both data execution prevention (DEP) and non-DEP devices.