Self-service password management

Reduce IT helpdesk calls, increase productivity


Complex, frequently changing passwords are easy to forget. With Imprivata OneSign Self-Service Password Management, forgotten passwords no longer need to burden clinical or IT staff, nor do they require long, complicated password reset processes. Instead, users can reset their own passwords, quickly, easily, and securely.  




Imprivata OneSign Self-Service Password Management supports multiple password security standards. Administrators can define strong password criteria and set verification choice and lockout thresholds, according to security needs.

Seamless Resets

Passwords no longer need to be manually reset. Imprivata propagates seamless password resets across multiple systems.

Increased Productivity

With Imprivata OneSign Self Service Password Management, IT teams no longer need to spend time dealing with password reset problems. When password problems arise, clinicians can now reset their password quickly, rather than contacting the IT helpdesk. Instead, IT teams can focus on training, fault resolution, and developing new services, whilst clinicians can focus on delivering excellent patient care. 

Fewer Workarounds

By reducing password frustrations, Imprivata reduces the incentive to find workarounds to cumbersome password requirements. Users no longer need to share accounts or write their passwords on sticky notes to deal with repetitive password prompts. By reducing the need for workaround methods, Imprivata improves security and streamlines clinical productivity. 

Improved Clinical Satisfaction

Imprivata OneSign Self-Service Password Management saves clinicians time, reduces password frustration, and minimizes workflow interruptions, improving their user experience and focus on patient care. 

Forgot Your Card?

No problem. By answering security questions, a user can be granted temporary access to systems normally controlled by physical tokens.

Automatic Logging

Imprivata logs each password reset request to support comprehensive audit trails, enhancing security and easing compliance.

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