Optimise EPR adoption

Electronic Patient Records (EPR) the fast, secure access to all applications


Most hospitals have multiple clinical and administrative applications that are critical to the delivery of quality care. Each of these applications has their own authentication requirement, prompting care providers to type in long, complicated passwords multiple times per shift. These password requirements disrupt clinical workflows and waste care providers' time. Imprivata streamlines authentication management, eliminates clicks, and handles all username and password entries automatically. As a result, with Imprivata solutions, clinicians get secure, instant access to patient information without interrupting patient care.


Anytime, anywhere access


Clinicians constantly need access to up-to-date patient information. Patient results can arrive at any time of the day or night, and clinicians may need to access patient information in mobile care settings in order to deliver the most effective, immediate care. Electronica Patient Records need to be optimised to allow clinicians to access patient information at any time, from any device - including from their home computer or tablet. By optimising EMR systems to support mobility, healthcare organisations improve their efficiency by expediting patient care, minimising patient wait times, and improving patients' experience.