Update to Imprivata/ISOSEC Acquisition

Update to Imprivata/ISOSEC Acquisition


At Imprivata, we pride ourselves in our relentless pursuit of delivering solutions for our customers’ needs, with a keen eye focused on their success. An emerging, unanticipated need that was presenting itself to us and our UK customers was that of a virtual NHS smart card. The unexpected arrival of the pandemic accelerated that need, and we set our sights on solving it by exploring various options that would deliver a solution in a timely manner.

One of those paths involved the acquisition of ISOSEC. Both Imprivata and ISOSEC felt that a joint solution would bring significant complementary benefits to the market, pool our resources, and enhance the end-user experience with best-of-class solution options. Although we committed to this path by agreeing to acquire ISOSEC, as we announced publicly in December 2020, the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced on 29 April that it planned to open an in-depth review of the transaction. Realizing that this outcome would delay our ability to deliver a joint solution in a timely manner, ISOSEC and Imprivata have arrived at the joint decision to terminate the agreement and not pursue the acquisition.

Statement from Gus

“Imprivata is disappointed in this outcome as we believe in the customer benefit of scaling our joint resources and technologies. However, we respect the authority of the CMA. Imprivata will continue to focus and invest in this area, to deliver value to its customers in this and related areas of Digital Identity, and the business will continue to operate as normal, as it has since the announcement of this proposed acquisition.”

— Gus Malezis, CEO of Imprivata