NHS Spine access

Imprivata OneSign Spine Combined Workflow Plus


Virtual smartcard and NHS spine access management 

Access to patient data needs to be supported by technology which optimises the clinicians' workflows and provides them with a positive user experience. However, the use of smartcards is often seen as an inconvenient step for clinicians as it forms an extra security barrier between them and providing patient care. Clinicians resort to alternative solutions to enhance their workflows such as leaving smartcards in machines, sharing login credentials or using generic logins. This creates risks in terms of information governance, particularly through the lack of an audit trail. 

Imprivata OneSign Spine Combined Workflow Plus with virtual smartcard secures patient data by combining NHS Spine access with convenient two-factor authentication and a virtual version of the NHS smartcard. The Imprivata Virtual Smartcard solution further enhances existing Spine capabilities and coupled with other Imprivata solutions like single sign-on, Imprivata Confirm ID, and Imprivata Identity Governance, provides NHS organisations with a complete identity and authentication management solution. 

Imprivata OneSign users will be able to seamlessly integrate the Imprivata virtual smartcard solution into their existing clinical workflows and deploy rapidly, at scale. 

Key product features

Virtual smartcard

A secure, cardless solution that will remove the challenges in using smartcards and readers, and the challenges of remote working and remote administration. Virtual smartcards will be supported by the existing well known registration authority process and are held securely on-premise in the Imprivata appliance, complemented by the end-to-end security of Imprivata OneSign. There is no requirement for additional hardware or smartphones. Virtual smartcards will support the Imprivata multifactor authentication you use today.

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Increased clinician productivity

It can take up to 25 seconds for clinicians to log in to an NHS Spine-enabled application. Multiply this by the number of NHS Spine authentications a user has to complete every day. After an initial login, Imprivata OneSign Spine Combined Workflow Plus, enables users to gain No Click Access to their desktop with just a tap of a badge and second factor of authentication. They are automatically signed into their NHS Spine-enabled applications.

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Secure patient data

Imprivata OneSign Spine Combined Workflow Plus enables secure, fast access which eliminates smartcard workarounds, provides passive and active ways to secure unattended workstations, and gives greater and more granular control for adherence to security policies.

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Compliance and information governance

Imprivata OneSign Spine Combined Workflow Plus provides granular auditing and reporting on authentication methods and smartcard usage. NHS organisations can verify when and what type of two-factor authentication has been used and report on NHS Spine-enabled application access.

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