Imprivata OneSign and Imprivata Confirm ID Deep Dives


Imprivata OneSign and Imprivata Confirm ID quarterly online deep-dive sessions offer an in-depth look at best practices for a particular feature, methodology, or an emerging technology of the Imprivata OneSign and Imprivata Confirm ID platform. These sessions are delivered by our certified trainers who not only train our customers but also work directly with customers, implementing Imprivata solutions. Participant must be certified.

Audience: Participant must be previous certified in a related Imprivata solution.

Required pre-work: None required

Format: Virtual; instructor-led training

Length: 4 hours

Terms and conditions: Course offerings are subject to change. Registrations are subject minimum and/or maximum enrollments.

Upcoming Courses

Language: English


Topic samples – content may vary

  • New Features
  • Application Profiling Part 1
  • Application Profiling Part 2
  • Imprivata WebSSO
  • Virtualization
  • Confirm ID Remote Access
  • Logs and Reporting
  • Upgrades and Migrations
  • DigiCert Identity Proofing (US only)
  • Spine Combined Workflow (UK only)


Imprivata Learning Center

As part of the Imprivata blended learning approach all registered class participants obtain access to the Imprivata Learning Center consisting of self-paced eLearning courses for one year.

Cost and registration

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